Joe & Sarah

We are proud to have crossed paths with Marc Mathes, and are blessed to call him a friend. He is a family man devoted to his faith, his country, and values honesty above all else. He's a straight-shooter and will tell you the truth, but also gives love and grace in spades. Everyone he meets is a friend because life is too short to not share a smile and a handshake. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his optimism can change the atmosphere in a room in a second. Marc is a servant-leader, and lives with transparency, integrity, and godly character. He has earned our esteem and respect. Marc Mathes is the kind of friend we like to call family.

Kris & Tony

We have really enjoyed getting to know Marc and working with him. His honesty, work ethic, and friendliness make him an outstanding real estate agent. He is our #1 choice in north Idaho!

Matt & Amber

Marc is kind, patient, intelligent, and has a solution for everything. We are blessed to have met him because he has had such a positive impact on our lives. Marc is dependable and we know we can always count on him.